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Meet The Staff

Who We Are

Mrs. Natasha Gilmore

Owner & Director

Welcome! My name is Natasha Gilmore and I am the proud Owner/Director of Tasha’s Caring & Sharing Daycare. I have over 25 years of child care experience. I am a graduate from Sandhills Community College with an Associate’s degree in Early Childhood Education, and also have an Bachelor’s degree in Hotel/Restaurant Management. Currently I am online pursuing my Bachelors degree in Education at Ashford University with an expected graduation date of 2022. I serve as members of both the African American Parent Policy Council, and also a member of the Moore County Resiliency Collaborative of Moore County. My goal is to continue advocating for the Early Childhood profession and to continue to build a strong foundation for lifelong learning for children.


When I was asked why I chose to open a daycare my response was, “Looking for quality care for my children has always been a top priority to me. Each day it was always important to have the feeling of trust, a sense of safety, and most of all the feeling of love wherever they were. I always dreamed of one day opening my own day care.”


On October of 2016 I was issued my N.C. license as child care provider for a family home. After reviewing my education I quickly moved from a one star facility to a four star family child care home. I participated in the Quality Training Initiative for Family Child Care Homes through Partners for Children & Families to learn more about ways to increase the quality of care she offers within her program. In July 2017 I completed an official FCCERS assessment and received my 5th star! Tasha’s Caring & Sharing has also maintained a 98% compliance rating for our daycare for the past three years and has maintained our five star rating. After previously operating a family child care home, it was clear that the need for expansion was necessary.  The new center will help change and impact the lives of many families in our community and offer affordable prices to families.


I take great pride in being the owner of TCS and have a clear vision for our center. We will continue to  strive for excellence and quality while working together as a co-operative team! We have an amazing staff that are dedicated and truly amazing at what they do. Give us a call today for all of your child care needs. 

Ms. Barbara Turner
Lead Teacher

Hi, my name is Barbara Turner and I am a Lead Teacher at Tasha's Caring & Sharing Day Care!! I got my 2 year Associates Degree in Early Childhood Education at Sandhills Community College. I have worked with children of all ages in daycare facilities for 24+ years. I have worked at many 5 Star Rated facilities such as Edu-Care Montessorri School- 10 yrs, First Health Child Development Center- five yrs, Little Miracles Daycare- 4 1/2 yrs, & Shining Stars Child Development Center- 4 1/2 yrs.

I enjoy reading books to children and singing songs with them! I also observe and help them when they play inside and outside. I love to be creative, so doing art with the kids is so much fun!!

I started working here at Tasha's Caring & Sharing Daycare when it opened in March 2021. Ms. Tasha and I worked together at First Health Child Development Center for over 5 yrs. I really enjoyed working with her at First Health CDC, so when she offered me a job to come work for her at Tasha's Caring & Sharing Daycare, I did not hesitate!! I am so glad that God sent me to TCS-DC. It was the perfect decision for me!!

I am a qualified Lead Teacher for the State of NC with all my State certifications.  I enjoy being a Lead Teacher and interacting with them each day. These children are one of the best groups of kids that I have worked with, and I really enjoy my job!!

Ms. Angel Wall
Lead Teacher

Hello! My name is Angel Wall and I am a Lead teacher at Tasha’s Caring and Sharing Daycare. Teaching children of all ages has always been something that I have always wanted to do growing up. Now I am!

The experiences and moments I get to capture of the children are nothing that I would have ever imagined. I enjoy being able to be in a safe, loving, and caring teacher environment. I also love being involved in each one of the children’s lives that I enter. It is such a blessing! Years ago if I were told that God was going to introduce me to such a respectable, intelligent, and supportive Director- Natasha Gilmore to show me the way, and the best way to be a great educator; I would have told him it was too good to be true! I am so happy to be a part of a team that share a passion for teaching and molding young lives. They all help me learn and grow more and more every day. Being a teacher is something that I really enjoy doing. Realizing that teaching is more than 123s & ABCs. I want to inspire all children to be the best they can be.

I graduated from Pinecrest High School and currently enrolled at SCC. I am a qualified Lead Teacher for the state of NC and have all of my certifications and developmental trainings. I have completed my SIDS, CPR/ First Aide trainings, Health & Safety trainings I have over 3 years experience working in child care.

I would love to welcome your child(ren) to a safe & loving daycare at Tasha’s Caring & Sharing. It would be an honor to mold your little one into everything they have the potential to be & teach them beyond your expectations.

Naomi Fairley
Lead Teacher

Hello, My name is Naomi Fairley and I am a lead daycare teacher with 25+ years of experience in early childhood education. I went to Stanley Community College to obtain my  credentials. I currently work at “Tasha’s Caring & Sharing Daycare”. 

    I started working at Tasha’s Daycare in August of 2023. I enjoy working with her and all of our facility’s staff members. Here at “Tasha’s Caring & Sharing Daycare” we are caring, supportive and we provide safety for all of our children. I am proud to be a part of this community and will always put 100% of my part to be the best for my students. 

    I mainly work in the baby room with babies 6weeks to the age of 1. I give all of my babies here the same amount of love and care. I treat my babies here like if they were mine and I love every single one of them. Here in the baby room I read to them, sing to them and show them sign language. All of the babies are active, have such a big imagination and I love supporting each one individually. My job here is to get them ready for their next adventure and I wouldn’t trade this position for anything in the world!

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